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Plant and Equipment Provision

UIP own and operate a substantial fleet of specialist plant and equipment, much of which has been designed and built to our own specification in order to provide our clients with bespoke and innovative project solutions.

All of our plant and equipment is available for hire, with fully trained operators, on a project by project basis, anywhere in the UK and overseas.

Included in our fleet are:

Cable Push-Pull System

  • An integrated system of motorised rollers which push cables through long runs with multiple bends or up vertical structures.
  • Minimises winch pulling tensions, reducing the potential for damage during installation.
  • Reduces the need for manual handling and mitigates risks associated with high tension winching
  • Allows for extended section lengths, reducing number of joints required


  • Range of towable winches up to 5 tonnes, 1200m bond, digital tension and pull length recording

Drum Trailers

  • Up to 20T, bespoke design with motorised spooling and hydraulic system to adjust width according to drum size

Tractors and Excavators

  • Tracked excavators up to 21T
  • Tele Handlers
  • 4×4 tractors and trailers
  • 4×4 and 6×6 ATVs
  • Trencher

Plant List

Our full plant list is available to view. We have a range of equipment available for hire, with or without an operator, including miscellaneous vehicles and ground care equipment. Please enquire for pricing and further information. 

Case Studies
Our Experience
Utility Installation Projects worked on behalf of East Solutions to install additional power sources to TOMWORLD, in the form of new substation connections.
Norwich-Earlham 132 kV Reinforcement
Utility Installation Projects worked with UKPN on a 132kV network reinforcement scheme to cater for import capacity from Sheringham Windfarm.
Peterborough 132kV & 33kV Reinforcement
Utility Installation Projects worked with EDF Energy to install cabling and ducting over a 2.3km route between substations in Peterborough.
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