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We are frequently asked questions which query the projects we are working on, the regional areas in which we work, and the training our teams receive. We have outlined and answered the most common queries below.

Why is a UIP vehicle outside my house?

We are sub-contracted to work on various projects, currently working in Suffolk and Essex on behalf of Anglian Water / Kier.

If you have any questions about why we are working on sites nearby your house, you are encouraged to approach the UIP team to discuss the project directly with them. If you have any further queries, please email or call us on 01473 824 480.

What are the 3 main types of industry at UIP?

We are experienced providers of outsourced engineering services to the powertelecoms and water industry sectors. Find out more about our expertise by visiting our services page.

Who does UIP work for?

We are currently working for the following companies –

Kier / Anglian Water on clean water repair and maintenance

Kier / McNicholas on electrical infrastructure installation

East Solutions on electrical cable installations
Visit our experience page to find out more about our completed projects.

Why should I choose UIP?

Everyday, the work you carry out feels rewarding.’ – UIP Employee.

Whether you are a prospective client or employee, we are the right choice. With a wealth of experience in both our management team and in our growing services teams, we can either assist with the development of your career or provide objective input in your project.

We would love to hear from you, please get in touch via or

What training do labourers receive at UIP?

From electrical and fire safety to CAT4 & Genny (HSG47) training, we ensure all our staff are fully qualified and armed with a comprehensive set of skills before they begin work on a project and head off to a site. Particularly in a public setting where the safety of our team, and the general public, are a priority. Our induction process, which includes mandatory training across the service areas, is designed to be as painless as possible but ensures our team receive the correct amount of training to keep them safe on site.
If you have any queries about the roles available at UIP, please visit our recruitment page.

Are utilities teams trained in multiple service areas?

Generally labourers, skilled labourers and team leaders do not swap between the utilities sectors. However, having a team that is fully skilled and experienced in a service area, enables them to work on various different projects.

Why is it necessary to close a road off during a project?

Road closures are necessary to ensure the safety of the utilities team working on site, and to ensure the project runs on time. With multiple individuals working on one site, with different levels of experience, various pieces of equipment to use, and at times, during cold and dark periods of the year, it is important that we protect the space our teams are working in and safeguard against any possible dangers.
One of the highway rules also states that a road can only be closed if there is another way of accessing it for emergencies, so there will always be an alternative route/access.

How long does a project run from start to finish?

Project running times can vary:
Small sized project: 1 – 7 days

Medium sized project:  1 – 3 months

Large sized project: 1 – 2 years

I have an urgent enquiry about the utility providers in my area, who do I contact?

Anglian water’s website has a dedicated page to report issues or you can call 03457 145145.
Essex and Suffolk Water also have a webpage to report any issues
In East Anglia, UK Power Networks are responsible for the electricity supply. For any dangerous problem involving electricity cables outside of your home please call UKPN immediately on 0800 3163 105. If you wish to report a power cut you can use the same number or report, search and track power cuts using the UK Power Networks website
Utility Installation Projects do not currently work on gas utility networks, but should you smell gas or suspect carbon monoxide is being released into the air – call the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.
The Cadent Gas website provides clear advice on what to do, or not do, in the case of a gas emergency
The team at UIP are always happy to help so if you have any queries about the teams we have working in your local area, please contact us on or call us on 01473 824 480.

My road has been closed off without notice, and your teams are working on the side of the road in the grass. Why can’t they just let me through? It’s a 4-mile diversion, and I only live just the other side?

Highways England has strict rules about Road Work and Traffic Management. Most rural roads have 60mph speed limits, and Highways require a 1.2m work perimeter to be marked out with barriers and a further 3m running lane for work vehicles and machinery. If the road width cannot allow traffic to pass 4.2m away from the works, then a road closure is necessary. Typically, 90 days' notice is required. However, the exception is for emergency work, such as a burst water main or gas leak, when no notice is needed, and Highways grant a permit.
Road Closures provide a safe working area for the Teams and minimise the risk of serious injury to the general public. Deep excavations and exposed, damaged utilities such as water and gas mains are extremely dangerous. While moving the barriers for a closer inspection or enabling you to drive through when no one is on site is tempting, it is illegal, and your insurance does not cover you for injury or damage to your vehicle.
Access to Emergency vehicles and services must be maintained, which is why barriers are in place but not secured.

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Working at UIP is an 'amazing chance to progress in a solid job.'

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'Every day is different'... 'the work you carry out and the jobs you complete are very rewarding.'

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Case Studies
Our Experience
Coldham Solar Farm
Utility Installation Projects worked with Coldham Solar Farm to install dual 11kV circuits and fibre optic infrastructure spanning approximately 2km across varied terrain.
Norwich University of the Arts
Utility Installation Projects worked with Norwich University of the Arts to connect the Old Barclays Bank building to the existing fibre network powering the University. 
Utility Installation Projects worked on behalf of East Solutions to install additional power sources to TOMWORLD, in the form of new substation connections.
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