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Utility Installation Projects worked on behalf of East Solutions to install additional power sources to TOMWORLD, in the form of new substation connections.

Client: East Solutions

Contract Value: £400,000

Equipment Used

  • Trencher
  • 360 excavators and dumpers
  • Five-ton winch
  • Assist winch
  • 8-ton drum trailer

Services Provided

Key services provided include excavation, backfilling, reinstatement, duct installation, cable pulling, directional drilling, site management and highway management.

In order to improve the power supply on site, TOMWORLD had a design completed for their own personal substation to be based on site. It was discovered that UKPN’s network in that area did not have a strong enough connection to be used for this purpose. UIP had to take a new supply and run it across the site to the area providing the best connection within the substation, undertaking approximately 2.5km of trench work. This work involved excavating and drilling underneath the nearby river and canals.


The nature of the project location restricted UIP’s route to access the site, so the trench to lay the cable was split in a way that meant the team could only work on one section at a time because they impacted each other. Standard procedure usually enables two of our teams to work on the project simultaneously away from each other, but this was not possible on this project. We instead pulled a single larger team together to work on the initial excavation. 


Once the second team is bought in to work on the project, one team can undertake digging and backfilling joint bays, while the other team conducts cable pulling to maintain the speed of the cable pulling process. This also results in the cables being exposed for less time and reduces the likelihood of the materials being stolen or damaged. This project is ongoing.

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