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Norwich University of the Arts

Utility Installation Projects worked with Norwich University of the Arts to connect the Old Barclays Bank building to the existing fibre network powering the University. 

Client: Norwich University of the Arts

Contract Value: £75,000

Equipment Used & Project Logistics

  • Traffic management systems (including pedestrian management in town centre)
  • Designs to ensure site/project safety for team members and pedestrians
  • CAT and Genny
  • Handheld equipment, including a core drill (due to the public location of the project)
  • Small Digger and Dumper

Services Provided

Utility Installation Projects worked with Norwich University of the Arts to connect the Old Barclays Bank Building, newly purchased by the University, to the existing fibre network. The project centered around the installation of fibre cable duct at the junction of a main road and bustling, pedestrianised road in Norwich City Centre, with high daily footfall. As a result of the public location, several considerations impacted the design of the fibre duct installation route and required traffic management. Our qualified team worked in sections between the access chambers to maintain pedestrian access and minimise disruption to local businesses on the high street zone, primarily a new coffee shop and estate agents located on the road crossing.


  • The fibre duct installation occurred on the main road near the existing University premises, and access to the University building is always required, so this was a crucial consideration for the UIP team conducting the work.
  • The team initially began excavating the agreed and primary route for the cable installation and worked from the new building back to the University's existing cables. However, the team discovered many existing assets, including gas, water and electrical cables and lines. This discovery meant the team had to rethink the route to install the ducts and run along the footpath at the front of the new building


After discovering the crowded cable route for the initial installation, the team had to rethink the placement and positioning of the ducts and decided to run the route up the footpath instead. All employees at UIP are well-trained in using CAT and genny tools to scan and detect underground assets, which was vital during this part of the project. With UIP's Graham Clackson as Project Manager, the project continued with minimal disruption as the team could be agile and communicate all changes to the client with full transparency. 

A new team based in Norwich were readily available to reset traffic management equipment and monitor the public site at short notice if needed. The proximity of this UIP team is particularly useful given the consistent access requirements of the project location. The appropriate highway permits are required to set up road works, and the team applied for and received those accordingly.

The works were completed on time with the client’s programme with no cable strikes or Health and Safety issues.

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