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Palm Island, Dubai

Utility Installation Projects worked with VolkerInfra to provide engineering consultancy and supervision of the onshore section of sub-marine cable connection.

Client: VolkerInfra

Contract Value: £300k

Services provided

UIP provided engineering consultancy and supervision services to the onshore section of the sub-marine cable connection. The key facts of this project include:

  • Installation of 132kV DC cables.
  • Cables pulled via pre-installed directional drill between islands
  • 80t cable drums floated into position on pontoon barges
  • Cable installed with the aid of electrically powered push-pull machines

Challenges & Solutions

The biggest challenge throughout this project was the heat and humidity of the regional location. Both staff and machinery required regular breaks due to the daily temperatures, which reached over 40 Degrees Celsius. Much of the work was undertaken at night when the heat was at its lowest to combat this challenge. This tactic ensured that the machinery could function continuously and did not overheat, and it also safeguarded our labourers and team leaders against heat and physical exhaustion. 

Careful planning and communication among project managers ensured the project was completed safely and within the desired time frame.

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