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Our Health, Safety and Environmental Strategy

The world is changing and there are different drivers influencing what we need to do. A number of these environmental factors will impact our strategy for health, safety and the environment. Wherever we work we must make sure that we maintain a safe, healthy and sustainable working environment and promote a culture in which we all share this commitment.

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Society has become risk averse. Health and Safety has become a reason not to do or restrict many activities. We need to be sensible in our approach. This recognises that in business we are in danger of having a wholly disproportionate attitude to the risks we should expect to run as a normal part of life. We need to be clear about the health, safety and environmental hazards and impacts of our current and future business. Our attention must be on the issues that cause real harm to people, business and the economy.

We provide a range of services which affect the lives of many people as well as the natural environment. Wherever we work, we aim to protect people, seek to reduce the amount of carbon produced and keep our use of global resources (such as energy and water) to a minimum, while reducing our waste through good waste management and recycling.

Our policy states that to deliver this commitment we will

  • define policy and procedures to protect the environment and the health and safety of those to whom we owe a duty of care.
  • meet and, where appropriate, exceed any legal and other requirements that apply.
  • identify and assess the health, safety and environmental hazards, impacts and risks from our activities and services.
  • set health, safety and environmental objectives and targets that reflect legal requirements and any risks we have identified, and show that we are seeking to continuously improve.
  • consider the input of employees and others with an interest in our work when making decisions relating to health, safety and environmental matters, and be sure that we understand local sustainability challenges.
  • develop and introduce plans to make sure we achieve agreed objectives and manage identified risks.
  • identify, train and use necessary and competent resources within a defined structure, and allocate health, safety and environmental responsibilities to people who have the necessary skills.
  • investigate and report on incidents to identify areas where we need to make improvements and prevent further problems.
  • monitor, review and report our performance, measured against set objectives and targets.
  • regularly review the suitability and effectiveness of our systems, and identify improvements we need to make to our procedures.

These policy commitments apply across all UIP Sites and form the foundations for the effective health, safety and environmental management performances we have today.

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