Rose Valley Substation, Brentwood

Excavate and install 33kV cables with associated Pilot Cables and one oil line through the public highway and Sub Station land.

Renewal of existing oil filled cables over a distance of approx 600m. The works involved excavation both within the public highway and inside the substation compound, working around live cables, to install 8 x 33kV circuits and associated pilot cables and new oil lines, all in 150mm and 88.9mm duct. The sect
ions within the carriageway were filled with Bentonite. The works also involved the excavation of 2 no Oil to Poly Transition Joint Bays.

Client : Alfred McAlpine Infrastructure Services

Contract Value : £190k

Services Supplied : Project management, excavation works, cable pulling, Bentoniting, as laid drawings, notice control, trench support system, one way traffic management, joint bay excavation and liaison with the public and local council.

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