Norwich-Earlham 132 kV Reinforcement

Client: UKPN

Contract Value: £8.5m

Services Provided: Supply and installation of 12km, 132kV, 1600mm2 AL XLPE cable.

132kV network reinforcement scheme to cater for import capacity from Sherringham Shoal Windfarm.

Installation of duct blocks and construction of foundations in both live sub-stations and green fields with the erection of the steel cable termination structures and excavation works within live compounds. Directional drilling techniques used to pre-install major trunk road crossings.

Lay 132kV cable from Earlham Grid Substation to Norwich Main Substation. Install cable temperature monitoring (DTS) on the new circuit and install a separate 48 fibre cable.

Excavation, installation of ducts, cabling and jointing bays along agricultural and highways followed by reinstatement.

Cables installed in fully ducted system using our own fully integrated cable pushing system.

Supply and install all joints and terminations with either ODSE or into GIS termination box – including installation of two new circuits onto tower sealing ends.

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