Great Wheatley Road, Rayleigh

Installation of 132kV Cable to support network infrastructure. Emergency work to install an additional 132kV supply serving the Rayleigh / Southend-on-Sea area over a length of approx 2 km. Work involved excavation works to install 8 x 160mm & 4 x 88.9mm duct in a 1.2m wide x 1.8 m deep trenches and oil to poly transition joint bays 12 m long x 3 m wide alongside the existing supply network in the carriageway through residential areas and across fields.

Client : EDF Energy Networks

Contract Value : £440k

Services Provided : Project management, excavation works, cable pulling, as laid drawings, traffic management, notice control, cable jointer support, trench support system, joint bay excavation, liaison with local public.

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